Thursday, 21 March 2013


No.31 I saw a photo of a cuckoo and thought how beautiful it's feathers were. This girls face is from a Boden model. She has quite a gormless expression but with attitude! It looks like she's rescued the bird. Thought I would put the name of the bird on her tee. I like how her hair has turned out. I used colour pencils which is easier to create texture. Thought about doing the background but could not decide what to do.

Friday, 15 March 2013


No.30 I was commissioned to do this portrait by my friend Terri. This was a gift to her neighbour & friend Nikola. It was an easy one to do because she has a cool 50s style. The rose is one that she has a tattoo of.

Tribal 2

No.29 This was a tea time doodle. Started with the girls faces and kind of lost myself in the rest. To me it looks quite tribal and the pair look almost wild.

Afternoon Cuppa

No.28 I'm really happy with this piece. I spent all day on this. It was really enjoyable creating the living room for this hipster. She is daydreaming whilst sipping her tea.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Looking Back

No.27 This girl has a great bust. She obviously hasn't had any children! I've been feeling that I wanted my lines to be more expressive. This shows with her hair.


No.26 this abstract artwork took me all day. I like the form and fullness of these shapes. The thick black lines work well against the blue & orange.