Wednesday, 28 March 2012

God Save The Queen...

A design for t-shirts. I really got into this illustration and was thinking more of the youth market. I've borrowed from street art with the arrows and crosses for eyes. The female is obviously not our lovely Liz. Didn't want to risk being done for treason by putting her in such a provocative pose! Thought this would appeal to both boys and girls. However, my 7'yr old son has said that he would not wear this because there is a heart and a girl on it! Because of this, I am now working on one for the boys!

A more traditional illustration. This is my design for tea towels and mugs. I'm having a small stall at our village Diamond Jubilee celebration. This took several attempts. I'm happy with this one and have combined some local reference points such as the lightship and a Thames barge with the younger looking Liz and the huge diamond! It's all done by hand and therefore not perfect but I like that and don't want the computer generated look. Hoping the locals will like it too!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Vintage cake stands....

Finally got around to making these little lovelies. With the help of my husband, a v.powerful drill & a diamond drill bit, we got right to it. I've used a  selection of vintage china plates (mainly Meakin). The handles i bought from e-bay and sprayed them   these yummy pinks & green. Good enough to eat(off)! 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Up-cycled plates

My mum gave me a box of mix n match china and there was a lovely little t-set by Meakin.
The original design is called Royal Marigold. There were a few chips and hair line cracks so I have up-cycled the plates by putting my Tollesbury Loft design on them. They work quite well and have sold out & I've had an order for four more, which is great. Need to get to an auction and buy more china now!