Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Nautical by Nature

You might have guessed that I'm not one to hang about & stick to one medium or style (not sure if this is a good thing). After losing a very dear friend last year, I became reaquainted with an old one. Funny how things turn out. Sophie has a pottery & we meet up once a week. We chat, drink coffee & have lunch. We also work on ceramics. Currently working on a range inspired by vintage illustrations.


This was a developmental sketch for the 'Forever A Freckle' illustrations. How cute?


Mosaic art. Apart from the old & the great examples of mosaic art through roman & byzantine times, when I think of this in contemporary terms images of cheap wine and naff looking patio tables spring to mind. But just take a look at the work of Amanda McCrann from Manchester. Also from my hometown Mark Kennedy. Their work is fresh and now. Using text & modern references. It's pain staking work and takes a bloody long time. My attempt, which I was very pleased with btw, took me about 3 days!


Smile a little smile for me. On wood panel (again). Seems to be my new thing! This was done a while ago but my husband has just tray framed this for me & I think it works well.

No Entry

If you think collage art is easy or a cop out or does not require much skill, then think again. I would spend hours as a teenager in my bedroom (usually when I was grounded!) making them. Making an image out of other images really excites me. I'm a huge fan and there does seem to be a bit of a resurgence at the mo. Sarah Eisenlohr is my absolute fave and you should check her out. She uses vintage/retro images to amazing effect. Anyway, I spent all day doing this. Cutting, slicing, sticking, binning, moving and finally sticking. I'm happy with this.

Dried Flowers

Since being small, I've loved dried flowers. I'm fascinated with the golden colour & ghostly appearance of their husks. I'm also attracted to anything floral on a dark background.


My homage to those we lost during times of conflict. Done on wood panel using pen and acrylic. Lest we forget! x

Love a stripe!

This is a recent piece of work that I did on wood panel. Using a combination of pen & prismacolor pencils. Framed in oak. Not sure everyone would agree but I feel this is one of my best? 

Forever A Freckle


Haven't posted on here in while. So busy working on all kinds of fun & interesting stuff. Will bring you up to date soon. In the meantime click on the link to see a short timelapse of my illustrations for a cool new kidswear label by the very lovely & super stylish Jo Ford. A homegrown brand & manufactured in the UK. Born out of a love for vintage style patterns & gorgeous fabrics. Launching in April. Enjoy!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Painting on wood

This is my first attempt at painting with acrylic on wood panel. Makes sense as my hubby is a cabinet maker, lots of spare wood. I like the grain of the wood. How it can be used to look like skin. It's a nice smooth surface & if I cock up I can just sand it off. Liking this new colour palette - will be a few more of these coming up!