Friday, 25 October 2013

Nice tats!

I'm really enjoying doing big hair. It's all going on with this one - tattoos, feathers, flowers and my (new) signature orange neon strip oh & a bit of ivy thrown in for good measure. Like it & feeling happy!

Fly birdie fly

Love this one! Well, I like the face (my best effort thus far!) the bird is good but not sure that the roses look as good as they could. Since taking this picture I have added fluoro dots to them, which has made them pop!

Bunch of roses

Not really feeling this one. I like the pose & her outfit & the roses. I'm just not too keen on her eyes. They make her look rather harsh!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Bring me sunshine

I'm an old hippy at heart. Would love nothing better than feeling the sun on my face & making daisy chains! Nearly binned this drawing. Chin was all wrong but I stuck with it and brought it back with some careful shading.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Bright lights

I find many of my poses from fashion shots. Thought this with the fluro strip worked well. No flowers in this one. Need to give my elbow & fingers a rest from stippling. Occupational hazard I guess!


Love my fluorescent orange acrylic paint & fear I might be using this alot. The technique I use for creating tone & shade with lots of tiny dots is called stippling. It's time consuming but I like the effect.

Cut off's

The high waisted cut off short creates a lovely silhouette. I did try putting patterned tights on her - had to rub them out! Haven't the patience for drawing lace! Created a little template for the background ikat style pattern. Top of hand looking a bit claw like but overall I like this.

Green hair day

I was over the moon with this until I did the flowers! They don't work because there are not enough petals. They look spidery! Love her & shades are hard too draw but they turned out ok!

Less is more

Really trying to hold back on over doing the face. I'm happy with this one.

Moody Margaret

She does look rather unhappy. It's hard too draw a smiling face. I don't mind this & think the hair looks ok'ish!

Floral notes

Recently had a commission to illustrate a beach wear collection for s/s 14 - this is a sneaky peek at a tiny section

Don't look down

Another one I'm happy with. Working more on the silhouette now & not so much face detail is getting better results. Like the triangles & crab apples too!

Don't look back

Really pleased with this. It all works well for me. The form & detail & use of watercolour make this one of my best!


I'm quite happy with this face. Her right arm is supposed to be in her pocket but actually it just looks too short!

My little peony

This drawing actually looks a lot better in the flesh! No honestly! Hand looks too skinny tho!

He or she?

I was really into this & spent ages trying to achieve the look of leather on her jacket but then messed up on the hands - look like crab claws!!

A bit of neon

Love the face on this one. Sometimes it just works! Teeth, hair & hands are all tricky. Getting there?!

Berry, poppy & fern

Like the trees in the background on this one. Need to back off with putting too much colour down on faces. Less is more!