Thursday, 26 January 2012

'Rock me baby'

My latest illustration is a brighter, perkier version of my 'Love Tollesbury' line up of key points in our village. I'm hoping to get this printed onto t-shirts, buckets and cups/plates for children. I've enjoyed injecting a bit of colour into this design. Now the boring bit is sourcing quality printers that will do small runs (at the right prices). 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Me old china...

I was collecting the odd bit of china, buying porcelain pens & other bits from craft websites and sketching some ideas. I'd been shown an article on the effortlessly cool Esther Coombs and was following her blog. She combines the delicate floral print of the vintage china with her brilliant architectural line drawings. The perfect juxtaposition. She was holding workshops at the fab little tearoom High Tea at Highgate in london. What could be better than a couple of hours spent scoffing yummy cake, downing coffee & drawing on a Sunday morning?! Add in to the mix that my husband had taken the kids to the park....I was in heaven. Here are a couple of plates I've done. Yes, you've probably guessed. They're down at The Loft.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

My attempt at trompe l'oel

Not just for arts sake, this also works as an info sign for tide times (essential if you have your car parked down at the water!) and the way to the loo at The Loft

'Love Tollesbury'

My 'Love Tollesbury' collection is available at The Loft. My dear friends Shella & Emma have worked their little socks off and have opened a vintage tea room in a listed sail loft. Check out their blog
All homemade and locally sourced produce. They do the best alternative cake selection I've come across.
I have put my illustrations on just about everything! From bags, teapots & cups to tea towels and bookmarks. It seems to be doing well and I'm hoping to develop this and go to neighbouring villages to do the same.

A good place to start....

I have always enjoyed illustration. When I was younger I would constantly draw ballerinas & horses. Even at uni when studying fashion, the design process was my strongest and most enjoyable part. 
I love and am totally in awe of fashion illustrator Julie Verhoeven. Also, I'm a huge fan of Charlotte Mann who does amazing, densely scaled 1:1 drawings, using black marker pens. I'm mostly into line drawing and seriously rate Maija Louekari as well.
Working on and trying to develop my style for the last year, I kind of stumbled on an idea. I was drawing buildings and boats in my local area. Bit boring yeah? But then I thought if I took interesting and key buildings, merge them together on one street. Add some contemporary flowers/seed heads I might have something.