Sunday, 6 July 2014

Painting on wood

This is my first attempt at painting with acrylic on wood panel. Makes sense as my hubby is a cabinet maker, lots of spare wood. I like the grain of the wood. How it can be used to look like skin. It's a nice smooth surface & if I cock up I can just sand it off. Liking this new colour palette - will be a few more of these coming up! 

Back to black

This was a quick fee hand sketch with no reference. Love her pose & jet black hair. I'd like to do more messy/sketchy work. It's hard to free up when your instinct is to be be really neat!

Friday, 30 May 2014

Quick sketches part deux

Quick sketches

The best way to improve on my drawing skills are quick sketches. I don't plan so there is no fear of messing up or doing too much. I'm learning to just go for it & they're getting better (thankfully). Getting the pose/composition right is hard & most are too awful to post!!

Vintage & neon

Vintage & neon

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Hello Sailor

I'm pleased to have this one finished. It's been on & off. I'm now over it! Shading & light is a whole new world to explore. Goodness knows why I decided on the blu mountains background. Her sunglasses work well but I'm not too happy about her hand. I over worked it & need to know when to stop. Love the anchor tattoo tho

Flower Girl

Wow, this took me over 15hrs. The work on the flowers & her top made me go cross eyed at times. I'm really happy with the result tho. I find side profiles difficult & this one was a success. Not so happy with the bird. I love bird illustrations but mine never come out that well....ah well, must try harder!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Nice top!

I'm really enjoying drawing hair at the mo. lost myself for a while doing the detail on her top. I like it!

Rain rain, go away!

The weather at the moment is nothing but wind & rain. Nuff said!

Deep water

Started this with acrylic paint & lots of triangles. The girls pose works well. The roses & her hair are a triumph for me. Also, I'm happy with her being in water. Not sure that it all goes together well though?!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Oh Deer

The second illustration for my brothers wedding. Drawing animals makes a nice change. Easier than drawing pretty girls. More room for error!

Mr Owl

My brother is getting married to the lovely Kristy Hill in Aug. a while back I designed there invite with a woodland theme complete with forest floor. I have since been asked to design the little nameplace cards. So here is the fist one.