Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Curly Sue

No.34 This was supposed to be a quick sketch as I wanted to practice curly hair. It ended up taking a few hours. I think it came out quite well. Apart from her eyes which are too wide. I'm loving triangles at the mo and could have gone on & on!

Silly Rabbit

No.33 I started drawing this fat rabbit with a view to incorporating hip hop lyrics from Public Enemy but didn't really like the girls face. Lips not right!

Pussy Willow

No.32 Yay, springtime. I love this time of year when you know you have months of nice weather ahead of you. Although, it's freezing & many plants that would usually blossom now, have'nt a clue what's going on! Still developing my faces. It's hard work & I believe the most skilful of all art