Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Lino Love

Fave things to draw at the mo are feathers and geometric pattern. This is my first drawing of the two together. It's a work in progress. More to follow as I've just taken delivery of a lino print kit (excited but nervous!) Thinking my designs might be a little too detailed. 

Surface Pattern

I would really like to know more about silk screen printing and this design i did quite quickly. It's not great but I could see this on wallpaper or bedding. Might look into doing a course.

Vintage Illustrations

My latest project are these little beauties. Loving the current trend of vintage animal illustrations. I bought some cheap deep box frames and painted them. Found a selection of royalty free illustrations and mounted them onto pages of text from an old book and this is the result. I think they work quite well?

3 Little Birds

A fan of street art and especially stickers. Shoreditch is practically held together by sticker art! Thought I'd give it a go and did mine on a 'signed for' sticker courtesy of Royal Mail. Once I'd completed my little family of birds though, I didn't want to stick it anywhere. Struggling with this concept a bit.

Two Sugar's Please

 I did these and forgot about them. Might try and do them on nicer china. Maybe a cup and saucer. Just simple line drawings of botanical tea/coffee/sugar plants. I used cheap white plates and a Pebeo Porcelain marker. Which you can fire in the oven and they become dishwasher proof. I've found the pens to be a bit unreliable. One minute the ink flows well and the next it's faint. Perhaps it's my technique?! I've read that you can use Sharpie marker pens and fire them. Not sure how well this would work though. Apologies for poor picture quality.

Floral Bouquet

I did this a while ago and I just love it! The tower block and floral bouquet. A winning combo!

Time for Tea

It's been a while since I last updated. A busy summer has meant not a lot of creative output. I'd seen a photo of lots of tea pots on shelves and thought I'd quite like to draw a few of them. I took inspiration from the shapes but added my own designs. For shading I've been using a combination of cross hatching and dots (I'm sure there is a technical word for this!)