Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Girl Orange 3


Girl Orange 2


Girl Orange 1

No.40 A while back I pinned (on Pinterest) a gorgeous picture of a girl by illustrator Peggy Wolf. I take inspiration from this for this series of portraits. The shading on the face, the beaded feather headband. Mostly in watercolour & black pen but the orange is a florescent acrylic paint which I got very excited about

My best!

No.39 I'm really happy with this drawing. The pose is lovely, the lips are great. The hair, the jumper - it all works. One way that proves to myself to be one of my best is that I like to keep looking at it. The one criticism is maybe the eyes are a little too big!

Poppy clouds

No.38 For this piece I used some flouro pink spray paint & black pen. It's ok, not sure i like the fact that the colours give it a sunset feel.

Poppy triangles

No.37 I had some small boards left over so I did this little pen poppy drawing with some neon triangles. Think it's quite sweet.

The bigger the doodle the better

No.36 this piece of artwork (now hanging in our bathroom) was a work in progress. Originally found by Quincy in a skip in London. The board had been used for a preliminary sketch. It had a young boy & girl on it in a faint blue wash. There wasn't much detail & I attempted to 'bring out' their features - failed. So, I left it for a while. Then I painted on some blocks of colour & gradually started building it up. I'm happy with it.

Pretty girl

No.35 quick pencil drawing here. She's relaxing, hair is messily tied back. I like this one!